Untidy cluttered woman wardrobe with colorful clothes

Tips to keep your wardrobe well-organized

Maintaining an organized wardrobe all the time with busy routines can be overwhelming. However, it shouldn’t be an excuse either. If you know your wardrobe arrangement is wanting or you are finding it difficult to keep it tidy, this article is meant for you. The information contained here will help you to keep your clothes in order so that even…

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relaxed woman smiling

The cure to monotony of life

Somewhere along the dreary pathway of life, we encounter the inevitable disease; one that infects us and spreads inside us like cancer. It is the dullness of life that creeps into us as we grow older and lose our purpose. Once we get past our adolescent years into our thirties, it is a downhill decline onto the inevitable mid-life crisis….

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woman with luggage exiting airport

2 life altering travel tips

I’m writing this a few days before I depart on my adventure, in which I will live out of a suitcase for a month. I was going to do a whole blog post or video on packing, but then I realized how terrible I am at it and decided me giving tips on it was laughable. Basically, my idea of…

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A single waterdrop on a blue flower

The pain and the beauty

I felt rather foolish the other day. I was cleaning up the house and took the trash out to the garage. As I ran through the rest of my to-do list in my mind, I didn’t realize that as I attempted to move the trash can as close as possible to the wall, I pushed up against a snow shovel,…

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woman smiling to herself in mirror

Believing in yourself and your gifts

Believing in yourself: necessary for success but sometimes difficult to do. So how can we keep ourselves in that place of self-belief? How can we get to that space of self-acceptance in the first place? Let me share a few ideas and inspirations with you. I have found that self-belief is a little like a tide – it ebbs and…

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blonde woman pointing finger at you

The world needs you

We hear it all the time: You’re special! You’re one of a kind! There is no one else in the world like YOU! We’re told that we have special gifts to share with the world. So we go out and try to use those gifts. We create what our hearts want to create. We try to become what we want…

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