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Inexpensive ways to pamper yourself

I love a good pamper session. However, I don’t have the budget to be going to the salon for professional manicures and massages a few times a month. The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to enjoy pampering yourself without parting with a wad of cash. Here are my tips! Curl up with a film and a snack Watching…

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A manicure for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always makes me think of pampering and there’s no better way to treat your mum than with a homemade manicure. Treat her to a polish extravaganza! It’s not long until 31st March and here are my tips for giving your mum a manicure to compete with any salon! Luxury cream I always think body lotion feels so much…

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How to fit audiobooks into your day

I’ve been using Audible for about a year now, and over that time I have gone through peaks and troughs of listening to books for several hours a week, or only finding a few minutes a month. Here’s my advice on how to fit listening audiobooks into your day. Some are more inventive than others! On a commute If you…

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Llanddwyn Island… a magical place

Llanddwyn Island (the translation is Church of Dwynwen) lies on the western side of Anglesey, off the mainland’s northwest coast. Llanddwyn is a place which appears in lists and books about 1000 places to see before you die; and having been there I can assure you that I wholeheartedly agree that you should. The island is incredibly beautiful, thanks to…

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My imaginary magical home

I live in a small two bed terraced house with my love and our guinea pigs. As much as I love our home, if I could design my own dream house, with no monetary restraints and a dash of magic thrown in, this is what it would look like… Sweeping staircase Let’s be honest, this is essential. A marble staircase…

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5 lessons I’ve learned about body-acceptance

For most women, body love is a topic which catches up with us at one point or another. I try to live my life by the above tenet – if it doesn’t make my heart sing, I avoid it. Hating my body is something that definitely does NOT make my heart sing! So here are the five things I’ve learnt…

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