happy girl silhouette

Instant mood boosters

Sometimes we all feel a bit down in the dumps or need a way to lift our mood after a long, tiring day. Here are my favourite mood boosters which take little time at all: Find a new recipe and plan a trip to buy the ingredients If you love food, then finding a new recipe on a blog or…

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holding brown curly hair

Fashion and beauty confessions

Today I have some fashion and beauty confessions for you, but not things like “I don’t take off my makeup before bed”. I mean the fashion and beauty goals I have, but am a little scared of embracing. Here’s my deepest, darkest confessions… I want violet curls I don’t mean a really bright purple, but a definite deep violet hue…

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spa products

Inexpensive ways to pamper yourself

I love a good pamper session. However, I don’t have the budget to be going to the salon for professional manicures and massages a few times a month. The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to enjoy pampering yourself without parting with a wad of cash. Here are my tips! Curl up with a film and a snack Watching…

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shower thoughts

What I think about in the shower

I have some of my most insightful thoughts while I am in the shower…. Everyone always says fresh air is a good thing, but I wonder if anyone has ever died from fresh air? Maggie and Lily will need some veg soon. I wonder what they speak about together? Are they planning to take over the world? This shampoo smells…

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nail treatment at home

A manicure for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day always makes me think of pampering and there’s no better way to treat your mum than with a homemade manicure. Treat her to a polish extravaganza! It’s not long until 31st March and here are my tips for giving your mum a manicure to compete with any salon! Luxury cream I always think body lotion feels so much…

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Woman reading inside a huge book at night

Bookish feelings

Books can take me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Here is how I like books to make me feel. Happy It’s an obvious one, but I read because I enjoy it and it gives me happiness. Just to be reading makes me joyful, no matter what type of book I am reading. I make a point of reading daily…

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