young woman reading a book while in bed

Geeky things which make me happy

There are some things which make me so happy that I can’t help but geek out over them. Here are the books, TV programmes and interests which make me all fuzzy inside. Harry Potter I look at babies and small children and think “You have your whole Harry Potter journey to come” and get all excited for them. I adore…

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kensington palace london

London holiday 2017: Kensington Palace

Today I am going to share with you a bit of my recent trip to stay in London with my mum. The plan was to visit Kensington Palace and I was beyond excited to visit this beautiful royal residence. While the palace has a wonderful history, it is also currently home to several members of the royal family. As we…

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mandala tattoo design

Mandala tattoo

Gone are the days when mandala was a symbol representing a very small group of people. Mandala tattoo has now become one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. First of all, a mandala is quite simple and beautiful with very many different meanings. This is one of the reasons that have made it very popular among people…

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medical pills

Vitamins and minerals – essential for the proper functioning of the body

Regardless of the season, our body needs a sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals. There are various methods by which we can assimilate them. One of these is food supplements. The concept that vitamins and minerals are needed by the body only during the cold season is totally wrong. Each season comes packaged with certain deficiencies of vitamins and minerals….

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morning coffee and book

I love mornings

I wasn’t always a morning person, but I swear by it now! It’s a fresh start to a brand new day and why waste it? Make your morning your best friend, make a routine, and become more productive. Of course, I’m making this sound a lot easier than it was to transition to being a morning person than it truly…

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summer hat

All things seem possible in June

Hello all! I am so excited about the month of June! I am ready for it to get warm, to finish with school and to just have time to relax. June is the start of summer, and I have some important goals that I want to accomplish this summer. 1. I want to cook a new dish that I have…

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