applying nail polish

A quick update about SensatioNail

Way back in May I invested in a SensatioNail kit since I am so opposed to chipped nails. It’s pretty much against my religion. Now that I’ve been using the product for a good six months, I feel like I have a better grasp on it. Firstly, I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results, although you have…

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beautiful hands nails

How to make your nails stronger

If your nails look unhealthy, you’re undergoing a negative health situation. However, don’t worry about it, it is a popular issue faced by many people. Nails are formed by laminated layers which are called keratin. Those healthy nails are united in color, smooth and consistent as well as no spots, pits, grooves or discoloration. On the contrary, weak nails are…

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eyebrows and eyelashes

Grow eyelashes longer and thicker at home

Here are some natural remedies to grow eyelashes longer and thicker at home! The trend of naturally shaped eyebrows is back in latest beauty and makeup trends this year. Avoid thin eyebrows and gappy eyelashes if you don’t want to look dull and older. We often contribute to thin eyelashes due to a natural deficiency, age factor, side effect of…

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beautiful young woman face

How to achieve a perfect no makeup look

The natural no makeup look is all you need to perfect your skin and look like a total pro while going out. The right products at the right amount will increase your skin’s texture and natural tone. For a luminous complexion and flawless look, stay in style always with a makeup that is ultimately wearable and barely there too. Step…

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happy young mother

Fall skin care tips for busy mothers

Being a mom who has to run after one kid while the other cries for milk, it becomes almost impossible to take time out for some personal grooming and care. You end up neglecting how your skin and hair looks and you eventually begin to look much older than your age. However, you can change that about you this fall…

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Female model sunbathing at poolside

Get the best results while using depilatory creams

How many times you wanted that you have a satin finish, smooth and silky glowing skin without the trace of any unwanted hairs but ended in making your skin messy with rashes and cut all over? One should always use a good depilatory cream in place of an ordinary one or going for the sensitive waxing method or the traditional…

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