The never do list

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Along with other things about me that you can find in this post, here are some things I don’t like or never do:

I will never…

Bungee jump or skydive – I like abseiling, so I’m not against all adventure sports; but falling towards the Earth is where I draw the line.

Climb Mount Everest or go to basecamp – I enjoy hiking, but Everest is a no no!

Go to Australia – It’s just too far. I’ll have to keep getting my Aussie dose from blogs or TV.

Get a tattoo or piercing – I have tried twice to pierce my ears, without success. Thanks to my health I have had a LOT of needles inserted into me over the years; I’m not going to do it for pleasure.

Get over how much I love running – The fact that I am going out running, 3 or 4 times a week, in the cold and dark evenings, continues to amaze me. What’s more, I really enjoy it. I am now on week 7 of 9 of the C25K programme, and I can run non-stop for 25 minutes. I am an ACTUAL RUNNER!

Eat baked beans – You may think I’m weird, but I’ve never liked them, and I’m not going to start now.

Learn how to play a musical instrument – I live with a pianist and a piano, but I still have no interest.

Watch horror films – I’m a scaredy cat. I like a thriller or murder, but horror is a step too far.

Be green fingered – I’m a hopeless gardener! My mum tried to get me interested when I was a child, but it didn’t work.

Your turn: what will you never do?

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