The Proposal book review

I have read a few of Tasmina Perry’s novels, and usually they are full of glamorous, wealthy people, a whiff of scandal, exotic holidays and social climbing. However, I was attracted to this book because it is a change in direction for the author – a step away from blockbusters filled with sex, to a more genteel tale of lost love echoing down the years.

Now is probably the wrong time of year to read it. It’s set during the winter and over Christmas. Nevertheless, I was drawn in by a promise of a story spanning continents, between London and Manhattan, and a secret from the final season of debutantes from 1958.

Amy is a New Yorker living in London, when she is dumped by her boyfriend and takes a job as elderly Georgia Hamilton’s travel companion, on a trip to New York. Georgia is hiding a secret pain from her days as a debutante, and Amy takes it upon herself to resolve the situation.

Amy is quite a sweet, endearing main character, and Georgia’s memories of London in the 1950s are very enjoyable. However, this isn’t the dazzling adventure promised by the cover. Manhattan isn’t really explored as much as I thought it would be (but then one of the travellers is in her late 70s after all!) and much of the action of the plot revolves around what happens in London.

However, the ending is somewhat unexpected and shocking. Suddenly the book takes a gripping turn and the story quickens pace.

I would recommend this as a pleasant, light read for a cold evening with a very satisfying ending. I will be interested to see what type of book Tasmina Perry writes next – whether she will continue with another book like this or whether she will return to the blockbusters.

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