The Selection book review

This is a book which I picked up because I had heard a lot about it, and a good princess story always reels me in.

The Selection is the first novel in a series, but I have to say that I won’t be hurrying to read the rest of the books. I’m so disappointed!

America is one of only 35 girls chosen to take part in The Selection, the winner of which will marry Prince Maxon. She only agrees to take part because her secret boyfriend Aspen urges her to do so, to give her a chance of a better life.

After their bitter break up, she views going away to live at the palace as preferable to staying at home, unable to be with Aspen. Aspen loves America enough to let her go – it’s infuriating and makes me want to shout at him!

America becomes Maxon’s favourite girl and in him she discovers a man that she had not expected, different to the pampered prince she had imagined.

However, America’s feelings for Aspen remain and when he appears at the palace, her feelings become even more confused.

By the end of the novel, six girls remain in the competition, and the America-Maxon-Aspen triangle is ongoing. I think I can guess which one America ends up with.

The book also includes a cast system which doesn’t add a great deal to the story. The royal family are Ones, America is a Five and Aspen is a Six. It only really serves to illustrate that Aspen is not considered good enough for America by society, but it seems like a very outdated concept.

There is an Aspen v Maxon debate on Goodreads, but to be honest, I don’t feel strongly either way. I wish I did, I wanted to love this book so much.

Did you enjoy this book more than me?

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