The Sugar Queen book review

OK, let’s do this. I adored this book. I wasn’t expecting to, but wow!

A while ago I read Garden Spells by this author, which was a sweet story and I definitely knew that I wanted to pick up another book by this author at a later date.

So I bought Sugar Queen and it sat on my bookshelf for months, you know how it goes. I decided to take it up to North Wales on my recent trip, without knowing that I was in for a revelation.

Josey is a lonely young woman who lives at home with her mother, locked in this difficult relationship due to the unhappy marriage of her parents and her own dreadful behaviour as a child.

Her only comforts are the sweets and paperback romances in her wardrobe. But one day, Josey finds a local woman, Della Lee, hiding in the wardrobe and refusing to leave!

Della Lee pushes Josey out of her comfort zone. Why does Josey run around after the mother who looks at her and is only reminded of her adulterous husband?

Why does she not let the man who she has loved for three years know how she feels? Slowly but surely Josey’s life begins to change in the most magical of ways.

This book is like a warm mug of hot chocolate on a winter’s night. It’s a hug in book form. I love how the magic is woven through the story and the beautiful details just touch your heart.

I particularly enjoyed Josey’s friendship with Chloe and the way books follow Chloe around. I had an inkling about the ending, but when it came I wasn’t quite prepared, and I was so, so moved.

Please, bring this book into your life today!

Have I convinced you to read this book yet?

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