The value of a mum

smiling mother and daughter

I recently saw a research containing some figures on what the salary of a mum would be, if it was accountable. The opinion I want to highlight here is the job of a mum can not be fully interpreted by a salary, but rather by the heart.

This research does not mention the tears a mother may wipe from the faces of her children, the pain and miscarriages it may have taken to give birth to a living baby, the love between a mother and her child and the sheer dedication that it takes to be a parent.

Being a mum is a most precious and special role. When I look at my friends and colleagues who are mums, their faces bright with joy, the love and affection which they lavish on their children evident in their eyes, I know that it’s something that can’t be summed up in numbers.

I know that I was so very lucky to grow up with my mum in my life. When I was little she was often in and out of hospital, and for years before I was born I know that she endured a lot of ill health.

The strength and courage demonstrated by my mum is something that has inspired me for years. I may not have a bond with a child of my own, but I definitely feel an incredible bond with my mum that is utterly unique for us both in this world.

How would you interpret the value of a mum?

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