Things I do that my partner finds strange

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I recently read an article and loved it so much that I had to compile my own list of the things I do which drive my hubby crazy!

Paint my nails

If you listen to him, everytime he looks up, I am painting my nails. He walks into a room and all he can smell is nail polish. While that’s an exaggeration, I do like having painted nails and I am afraid he will just have to put up with it.

Drink iced coffee

I recently asked him to get a carton of coffee out of the fridge for me whilst he was standing right by it. He was astonished that I had 1) bought iced coffee and 2) planned to drink it. But I say, coffee doesn’t have to be hot!

Eat greek yoghurt

I always like having a couple of pots in the fridge for dessert, or for smoothies, or for mixing with porridge, but it baffles him.

The amount of books I read

He knows I love to read, but the amount of books I go through amazes him. During the evenings I often read while he watches TV, or I go to bed early to read, and as a man who reads one book a year, he can’t get his head around it.

Visit coffee shops

He doesn’t buy coffee or tea when we’re out. He doesn’t see the point in coffee shops, but I love going to them for a yummy drink and a slice of cake. It’s definitely not something we agree on!

Lack of musical ability

As a piano teacher, he is a highly skilled musician but he gets frustrated when I can’t pick up a ‘simple’ tune. I have zero knowledge and it takes me a long time to remember which keys to press. We have different ideas of what’s ‘simple’.

My hair routine

It takes my hair about 6 hours to dry naturally and he doesn’t understand how that’s possible. I also used dry shampoo in front of him the other day, and he thought I had to go in the shower to rinse it out. Anything to do with hair bemuses him.

What do you do that your partner doesn’t get?

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