Things I don’t like about Harry Potter

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The topic today is a controversial one…. the things I don’t like about Harry Potter!


I don’t really get quidditch. The rules go over my head, and I always skip over the quidditch games in the books or go and get a snack during the games in the films. I can’t be the only one surely? As much as I think the addition of a sport to the HP universe is great, this one in particular is just not my kinda thing.

The curriculum

Why do the Hogwarts pupils not study any Muggle subjects? Geography, English, Maths, French… As amazing as learning about magic and how to use it is, surely having lessons in Muggle subjects would benefit the pupils too.

Harry and Ginny

This relationship has never convinced me. I am a big Hermione/Ron fan, so maybe because I just love how that relationship develops so much, Harry and Ginny just can’t compete. To be honest I don’t love Ginny as a character, nothing against the girl but I think there are better characters in the series. If I could have had my way I would have married her off to a minor character, not the central one.

Harry Potter isn’t real

I wish the universe was real but it’s not!

Are there any things you don’t like about Harry Potter?

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