Three ways that Olivia Pope annoys me

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I am a big fan of Scandal, and Season 5 is the season I have been waiting for since the very beginning… However, Olivia Pope sure does annoy me sometimes. Here’s why!

She uses Jake

Whenever there’s any drama around her relationship with Fitz (which is every five minutes!), she calls Jake for his advice. The man is in love with her and she just wants to talk about the man she chose over him.

I was so happy when Jake told her to stop, but I doubt he will keep that strong front up for long. Olivia has used him ever since the first day they met, and it makes me sooo mad!

She doesn’t know what she wants

How often do characters say “What does Olivia want?” or ask her directly “What do you want?”. The President is willing to give up everything for her and she still doesn’t know what she wants, or has the decency to tell him.

Olivia adores him but isn’t willing to be with him. She just does that moody, puppy dog look and everyone rolls over.

She’s a hypocrite

That showdown with Edison… the man she lied to with every grain of her being, and wow, didn’t he remind her just how out of line she was.

He always deserved better than that and he reduced her to nothing. That scene reminded me that Olivia basically always lies.

Despite all of this, I still love the show! Which TV characters get under your skin?

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