My top 90s rom coms

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Never Been Kissed

Oh wow, I used to root for Josie so badly. I never really ‘got’ her flirtation with Guy (concentrate on Mr Coulson!), but other than that, I love this film. US high school fascinated me!

She’s All That

Which leads me to another high school film. When I think about this film now, it’s strange to realise that most of the cast are barely famous these days (and tragically Paul Walker has died). At the time, this film looked like being a springboard to mega stardom for them. Anyway, this is a cute story about a bet to make the uncool girl prom queen… but Taylor steals every scene for me.


This modern take on Jane Austen’s Emma is charming and twee, as popular and pretty Cher plays matchmaker. It’s now tinged with sadness though due to Brittany Murphy’s death.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Surely Julia Roberts was Queen of Hollywood during the 90s? Even though Rupert Everett is the best thing about this film, I love how Julianne is so sassy (“He adored me for nine goddamn years. Me!”) and it’s an early performance from Cameron Diaz. I also like the unconventional ending, when the girl does NOT get her guy.

What are your favourite rom coms?

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