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I am so bad at keeping up with the films and TV shows which I want to watch. I get all excited about something, and then I don’t go to the cinema to see it, or I hear about great shows a few years into their series run. I go to the cinema maybe twice a year! But here’s a list of things I really want to watch and I’m determined to do so:

Pretty Little Liars

A few months ago it felt like the whole of social media was raving about this show. So, five seasons in, I decided to go back to the beginning and watch it from the start. I’m so glad I did. I’m now on Season 2 and I am completely hooked. I haven’t been able to avoid spoilers completely but I’m enjoying it anyway.


I’ve avoided watching this drama about Mary Queen of Scots because I heard that it was quite trashy. However, people say it’s worth watching. I am fascinated by Mary’s life and I can’t put off trying it for any longer. I loved The Tudors so I hope I will feel the same about this.

Once Upon a Time

I recently finished season 2 and now I can’t wait to begin season 3. I love everything about this show; the complex characters, the magic, the relationships and the fairy tales! It is full of action, love and adventure and it’s definitely one of my favourite ever programmes.


I absolutely have to see this. I was dying to see it in the cinema but I never got there. Why haven’t I seen this?! Angelina Jolie must be amazing in it.


Can you spot the fairytale theme? This is another film which I resolved to see in the cinema and never went. I loved the Disney animation as a child so I really hope to enjoy this version just as much.

The Age of Adaline

The premise of this film intrigues me so much. Adaline has been 29 for eighty years. It just seems like a poignant and unusual story. You never know, I might make it to see it!

A Little Chaos

I don’t know much about this film but it’s a historical one and it looks like it might be fun and light viewing. I very much doubt I will see it for months though!

Are you a regular cinemagoer? Do you have any recommendations for me?

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