Vegetable juicing benefits for a healthy and revitalized life

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Fresh vegetable juices are recognized as just the right thing needed for revitalizing our body. It is the most useful and healthy way of providing our body necessary nutrients that keep us fresh. Not only the healthy source of nutrients, fresh vegetable juice also protects us from diseases and complicacies by improving our immune system. For staying healthy and young you need to build a good habit of juicing.

Fruit Juice or Vegetable Juice?

If you are in doubt about which one to choose in between fruit juice or vegetable juice, well, both are healthy for the human body. But you should decide this according to your necessity or requirements. If you are overweight, having complicacies with high blood pressure or diabetic issues than it is obviously wise to go for vegetable juices.

Fruit juice may contain fructose which may increase sugar level in blood and consequently preventing to reach the target. Some vegetables also contain sugar, like carrots and beetroot. So the final decision is to be taken according to your needs.

Reasons for you to choose vegetable juicing

Making a habit of consuming vegetable juices on a regular basis can have an immense positive impact on our body system. I have chosen three major benefits to discuss about from vegetable juicing that will help you live a healthier and energetic life.

Best source of energy

Vegetable juices are full of essential nutrients that are necessary for us. Our metabolism system converts the nutrients of fresh vegetables into useful energy by cleansing and detoxifying the harmful pollutants present in our body. And what happens when our body is detoxified?

It prevents tiredness, revives with more energy and prevents wearing and tearing of our system. It works as oiling a machine to prevent from rusting. Juiced form can work more quickly because the breaking down process has already started than it was on the natural state. Along with boosting energy level, vegetable juices can also help in healing the damaged cells in our body.

Improve Digestion Process

Vegetable juices can improve our digestion system by providing useful digestive enzymes. In many raw vegetables a number of enzymes are found that makes digestion process easier. But these enzymes are only found when the food is in raw form, cooking them with heat these enzymes get destroyed. This is where raw fresh vegetable juice comes into the scene. Consuming a decent amount of vegetable juice regularly will clear up the toxic undigested remaining leftover on our intestines and ease the absorption process of the necessary nutrients.

Develop strong immunity against diseases

Immunity or resistance power to diseases can be easily developed by making a habit of consuming fresh natural and organic juices regularly. Almost every nutrition expert recommends consuming fruits or non processed vegetable juice on a regular basis. Vegetable juices are rich in anti oxidants and these oxidants help to cleanse impurities. Toxins removed from the blood help every major organ to function properly. It directly benefits heart, liver, kidney, eyes among others. Red blood cells are formed from greenish vegetables that have chlorophylls. Many necessary vitamins and minerals are found in vegetable plants that help to build strong immunity in human body and save us from diseases.

What may prevent you from vegetable juices?

It is very common among people that everyone feels attracted to unhealthy foods more than the healthy ones. For example we all know fast foods are not exactly healthy as they contain fats, cholesterol or complicacies from oily fried foods. But for many it is their preferable choice. Same way vegetable juices are sometimes not as much preferred by juicers because of the taste. Most vegetable juices are not as tasty as fruit juices, because of the sugar present in fruits. When you have chosen vegetable juicing for health purpose, it takes some time to get used to with the strong flavored veggies. You should also consider vegetable juices over fruit juicing because most of the fruit contains acidic compounds, but vegetables are alkaline in nature. The best way to adjust with strong tasted vegetables is to add up some apples to balance the taste.

Excellency of unprocessed vegetables

Fresh vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals that are necessary for maintaining the wellbeing of our health. The more you consume vegetables the better you are sourcing yourself with the necessary essential nutrients. Vegetable juicing makes you drink a good quantity of veggies within a small volume of drink. Raw vegetables are more nutritious than the processed state because heat can damage or lower the nutrition contents. Therefore it is better to consume vegetables on their closest natural form as possible.

Best time to have your juices

The best time to get most efficient outcomes from your juice is to consume it on empty stomach. So obviously early morning, right after waking up and before anything else is the ideal time for having your juice. This way your intestine system is free from other undigested toxicants and you can get the full nourishments of your chosen type of nutrients. Likewise it is less effective to consume juices after meal or with a full stomach. For best results out of your juicing try to have it 3 to 4 hours after having your last meal so that the previous foods get the time to be digested.

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