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You know how it is: we put a lot of time and effort into writing our blog posts and then they just sit in our archives doing nothing once we’ve finished promoting them. So I have thought up some ideas for using our archives:

Don’t stop promoting!

You can still keep tweeting and promoting after the blog post is a few days old. Some posts are timeless; for example, if you’ve posted any advice or blog tips. Don’t be afraid to share a post which you’re proud of, even if it’s not the most recent.

Do a follow up

Maybe you posted a book haul; don’t forget to review the books. Maybe you mentioned you were going to a new restaurant; why not post about your evening? You may have lots of post options just waiting in the wings of your blog!

Link back to older posts

If you often post beauty reviews, don’t forget to link back to older reviews so newer readers can read your thoughts. You could also compile a post from links of old ‘about me’ posts, for a fun way of letting your readers get to know you.

Sponsor blogs who offer archive options

I love sponsoring blogs and I’ll often find that bloggers offer to promote your older posts for you. So let them do the work for you!

I need to follow my own advice. Do you have any more ideas?

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