What I think about in the shower

shower thoughts

I have some of my most insightful thoughts while I am in the shower….

Everyone always says fresh air is a good thing, but I wonder if anyone has ever died from fresh air?

Maggie and Lily will need some veg soon. I wonder what they speak about together? Are they planning to take over the world?

This shampoo smells good. I have a weird sense of smell, how can I smell some things and not others?

It’s getting dark outside. Why does night fall, and day break? Both sound painful.

I’ll put the dinner on after this, I have some carrots from last night to use again. Who decided that oranges should be called oranges when carrots are orange too?

I will catch up on Youtube videos later. Why are some videos now just the ad after the ad?

Gosh, I am looking forward to bed later, but why do I go to bed wide awake and wake up tired some days?

Do you have thoughts to share?

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