Which pet would I take to Hogwarts?

hogwarts castle

Things have been quiet around here recently, but today I’m back with a first post about the Harry Potter universe on my blog as just I decided to rank the Hogwarts pets myself. And in the fourth position is the…


I’m not one of those people who think a rat is cute. Their tails make me feel all creeped out for some reason! Also I suspect that as a Hogwarts pet, they’re the easiest to lose and that would stress me out. I would always be worrying that the rat would go missing, unless I could put a charm on it, and I’m not sure if that’s against the rules (there are so many rules!). A rat is definitely last on my list.

In third place…


A toad is another prospective pet that has never endeared itself to me. Like a rat, I would worry about it getting lost but at least toads ‘ribbit’ loudly. My boyfriend quite likes toads so that’s the only thing going in their favour!

Onto second place…

A cat

As a child I was never very fond of cats, but it’s a different case now. A feline friend would be the ideal companion at Hogwarts. As a witch you couldn’t do much better than a cat as a pet but…

the first place has to go to…


I adore owls. Both cute cartoon owls, and the real thing. As a flying postal service, they also can’t be beaten. Owls are elegant, beautiful and intelligent. I would be best friends with my owl and would spend time in the owlery every evening stroking her wings and telling her about my latest spells.

See you soon for another Harry Potter post! Which pet would you take to Hogwarts?

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