Who am I online?

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For non bloggers, I think it can be difficult to imagine having such a large part of your life lived online. New skills are developed, friendships are made, and large parts of ourselves are shared. Or are they?

I can only speak for myself, but I always make sure that all of my online communications are genuine and well intentioned; whether that’s a tweet to a fellow blogger or whether it’s a blog post.

If anything, sometimes I think that my online persona is more of the real me than the person I am in my daily life.

It’s on this blog and social media that I discuss my passions such as books and creativity, whereas they are rarely part of my daily chat at work or with friends who have different interests.

Also because I sometimes find it easier to express myself in writing, it is via this blog that I am able to discuss some of the most difficult things in my life.

I feel that who I am online is the person who sometimes I don’t have the confidence to be in real life, when my shyness may overpower me.

On the other hand, I definitely don’t share every part of my life online. Recently I was involved in rather a bad experience, and I have not felt inclined to share any part of it on the blog or on social media.

However, I have been grateful for this blog and for my online connections for keeping my spirits up and giving me something positive to focus on.

My online life and my daily life both allow me to embrace every part of my personality, which is a really great feeling.

Who are you online?

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