Why I don’t like camping

blue camping tent in the forest

Sorry campers, but I really don’t enjoy it. Here’s why:


Or rather the lack of them. I don’t feel comfortable not having one to use. Also finding my way during the middle of the night into a dark building to find a toilet has never ended well.

Sleeping on the ground

Yes, my sleeping bag is cosy, but I am still lying on the ground. It’s not a recipe for a good night’s sleep.

Putting the tent up and taking it down

This leaves me in a bad mood before the trip has even properly started. Does an easy-to-put-up tent exist?

Lack of room in the tent

Kicking around to take my jeans off is no fun. Two men tents are designed with children in mind surely?

The cold and rain

If I’m very lucky, if won’t rain. But it probably will and the noise will keep me awake. If there’s no rain, then it’s no doubt going to be too cold to get comfortable anyway.

Can you convince me to like camping?

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