Why I don’t set social media goals

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It’s not the first month of the year anymore but all this time I saw lots of bloggers set their social media goals for 2017. Also, at the end of 2016, there were so many bloggers asking for help to reach their 2016 goals. Here’s why I don’t make social media goals.

OK, maybe I am being a bit hard on myself here, but essentially, I am too lazy to set social media goals. When it comes to blogging, there are so many other things to think about, like actually creating the content and remembering to actually post it on social media. So getting around to thinking about reaching 500 followers on Insta is waaaaay down the list for me.

It’s a cliche, I know, but I don’t blog so that I can have social media followers. I blog because I like to share my interests and I enjoy the writing process. Yes, it is a little bit about the numbers. I’m running a giveaway at the moment on Twitter because I thought it would be fun, and one of the definite bonuses has been increasing my numbers on there.

This is how my brain reacts to the thought of setting social media goals: OhNoWhatIfIFailTheGoalsAreTooHighWhatWereYouThinkingPuttingLotsAndLotsOfPressureOnYourself. So I’d rather avoid this anxiety by not setting goals in the first place.

I don’t feel that social media goals would add to my personal development, in the way that visiting new places or writing blog content would. I feel there are other goals worth concentrating on that mean more to me.

When it comes to photography, I’m pretty honest that I am no expert and my photos are not the best part of my content. So, my Insta photos aren’t going to get hundreds of likes. I’m okay with that!

Having said all of this, if setting social media goals is helpful for you then that’s great, this is just my own opinion about what suits me. I’m always happy to help other bloggers reach their social media goals so if you send any ‘help me reach x followers by the end of the month’ messages, I will follow you, no problem.

What are your thoughts on this, do social media goals help with your blogging or do they stress you out like they do me?

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